GRAND PRIZE: $2500 MO BETTA: Matt Clark, Jaymi McKeever, Aaron Elam, Cody Lyden, Ricky Rodriguez, Chris Hale

wellness Challenge 008wellness Challenge 031

MOST SUPPORTIVE TEAM: $200: WITNESS THE FITNESS: Carla Ober, Angela Weeks, Amy Fetterhoff, Anais Hernandez, Jennifer Hills



DRASTIC LIFESTYLE CHANGE: $100 EACH: Aaron Elam, Kate Patenaude

STAND OUTS: RAD BIKES TUNE UP $65 Value: Ricky Rodriguez, Dave Krats, Brian Gary, Aaron Bevington

TEAM CAPTAIN STAND OUTS: Jessie Burchetta (Two Leaves and Bud Sampler+Justins Nut Butter Gift Certificate), Steve Beckley (DSC Water Bottle), Carla Ober (DSC Tank Top)

COMMITTED CHALLENGERS: 1 month FREE to YOUR GYM: Anais Hernandez, Janet Raczak, Nancy Heard

Pick your prizes up at DSC at 5:00 PM tonight! Tara will bring HCCF awards to Basalt this evening. Congratulations to ALL participants as EACH of you were successful!!!! Hope to see you next time!




Measurements: You will need to add your total inches from your before measurements and your total inches from your after measurements. Then divide your after measurements by before. This will give you a percentage. The lower the percentage the MORE inches you lost. You will subtract the percentage from 100. Then multiple by 10 (ie, 10 points for every percentage)

Example: Before 136″ After 130″  130/136=.9558 (round up to 96%)

100-96=4% BF loss. 4×10=40 points.

BODY SCAN: You will receive 10 points for every BF% reduced.

example: Scan 1 = 26.9% BF (round up to 27), Scan 2= 22.1% (round down to 22) BF


5x 10=50 points

You will also receive 10 points for every LB of LEAN MASS GAINED and FAT MASS LOST

BLOOD WORK: You will receive 5 points for every percentage improved within a category.


LDL 1= 210  LDL 2= 185


100-88=22% improvement 22×5 =110 points

You will do these calculations for improvements in LDL, HDL, and Triglycerides. *** Remember that improvement means a DECREASE in LDL, INCREASE in HDL, DECREASE in TRIGLYCERIDES.

Reminders and PRIZES updated!

imagesREMINDER: Please sign up for hydrostatic by Thurs. otherwise I will be canceling him!!! Also, remember that you will need to submit all your points, measurements and after pictures to your TEAM CAPTAIN for consideration of prizes by Sunday, May 17th at 5:00 PM!!!!!

Those fabulous prizes are as follows:

(1) GRAND PRIZE: $ 2500 to winning team

(1) BEST TEAM (ie, those who supported one another the most) $200
(4) STAND-OUT PERFORMANCES $65.00 Tune Up at RAD Bikes!
(1) STAND-OUT TEAM CAPTAIN Two Leaves and A Bud Sampler, Justin’s Nut Butter GC
(3) KICK ASS CHALLENGERS 1 Month Membership to YOUR GYM (DSC, HCCF, DSC WEST) This is at the discretion of the director (ME 🙂 ) ❤ Free Starbucks will encourage the winning of this prize. ‪#‎jk‬ ‪#‎notreally‬ #jk‪#‎tryandfindout‬

Week Five. This is the FINAL COUNTDOWN!

My oh my how the time flies! Last week already?!???

In the spirit of the last week and winning mega cash pick it up a notch and keep that diet cleaner than ever! Time to tighten down for the homestretch! I have been so pleased with everyone’s commitment and encouragement to their team mates. Hopefully you’ve learned a little something about nutrition, sugar, fitness, goal setting, recovery, stress and most importantly; YOURSELF!

In the next few days I will be sending out a survey asking you for your comments on what you liked, what you didn’t, what worked well for you and what could use improvement.

Remember that Gold Standard HYDROSTATIC will be here on Saturday. Please sign up by Thursday. If I do not have any more people signed up then there are currently I will likely tell them not to come.

Have a fantastic week and we’ll see you Saturday for a class on how to make these changes sustainable and realistic for you and your family’s life. We’ll talk about making exercise fun for kids, budgeting for your health and of course…get our workout on. 10:30 Saturday at DSC, Glenwood.

Goal Setting. Week Four Wrap-Up

Goal setting is an important method of:

-deciding what you want to achieve in life
-separating what is important from what is irrelevant or a a distraction -motivating yourself
-building your self confidence based on the successful achievement of goals set


Specific-well defined
Measurable-how will you be rating your success in your execution
Attainable-big enough to inspire actions but not so big as to frustrate you by the impossibility of achieving them
Relevant-goals should measure outcomes, not activities
Time Bound/Trackable-creates a practical sense of urgency

Specific and Measurable: Goals should be realistic. They should inspire you to action but not frustrate you because they seem unmanageable big. They should have both short term and long term components to them.

Outcome Goals/Behavioral Goals: Outcome goals are measurable and specific, however, they are often outside of your control.

example outcome goals: I will make 100,000$ in 3 years, I will lose 50 lbs of fat and compete in an Ironman, I will get my PhD in Astrophysics.

These goals answer concretely and directly what it is that you want. They answer the questions:

What do you wish to accomplish with _____________? What exactly do you want __________________? How motivated are you by this goal?

Establish this, write it down and forget it. Now it’s time to focus on behaviors.

Spend your time and energy implementing and adhering to behavioral changes. YOU directly control a behavioral goal. These are the concrete steps that bring your outcome goals to fruition. These should be 3-4 things that are currently your most significant limiting factors to achieving your outcome goal. These can be social, environmental, mental, physical, etc. Let’s use the Ironman example.

Currently your limiting factors are:

You have not signed up for a race Your swimming is weak
You are 50 lbs overweight
You do not workout

You must consider the strategies required to overcome these limiting factors and then develop behaviors to overcome the limiting factors you identified. Keep behavioral goals written down,

visible and on hand as a reminder when you feel yourself waning. You must establish a compliance or adherence strategy to keep you from justifying negative behaviors. You must also establish an assessment policy to keep track of your progress or efficacy of goals or execution. Looking at our previously mentioned limiting factors my immediate (positively stated) behavioral goals would be as follows:

This week:

I will sign up for an Ironman 1 year from today.
I am cutting out processed foods and drinks.
I will bike and run for a total of 2 hours each week.

This Months:
I will eat more protein and vegetables.
I will drink 64 ounces of water per day.
I will add 2 hours of swimming per week to my current routine.

Three Months:
I will be down 4% body fat.
I will exercise 5-6 hours per week.
I will begin swim lessons 1x/week.
I will food journal and eat clean with 90% compliance.

Six Months:
I will be down 9% body fat.
I will exercise 5-7 hours per week; one or two days being a long training run, bike or swim. I will focus on nutrient timing and fueling longer endurance appropriately.

One Year:

Race Day!
I will be fully prepared to fuel myself for an Ironman. I will be fully prepared to swim 2.4 miles
I will be fully prepared to bike 112 miles.
I will be fully prepared to complete a marathon.

Your behavioral goals will constantly changed and be updated. I recommend initially coming up with 1 week, 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, 1 year and 5 year outcome goals. Your behavioral goals will then be formed around what those outcomes are. Start small for large changes and big success.

Here is a worksheet link to get you started!