Preparing For Week One

Hey Guys!


Welcome to your first week of the food challenge!!! Are you psyched? Of course you are 🙂 Here are a few things you should know to get you started:

1. This week you will need to complete your “Before” measurements and pictures during office hours.

2. You must WRITE DOWN or keep track of what you are eating. This can be done in a journal or thru photographs.

3. You must eat a PROTEIN, FAT and CARBOHYDRATE at every meal.

4. You must eat WHOLE, unprocessed foods. If it can’t be found in nature, has a label on it or you wouldn’t eat it by itself in a spoon then keep it out of your mouth. In more basic terms: If it is an INGREDIENT and not a WHOLE food then don’t eat it.

4. If you are planning on doing blood work or body scans try and get those done ASAP.


Tips for the first couple of days are to grocery shop well. Perimeter shopping with a few aisle stops for oatmeal, rice, dried beans, nuts, olives, olive oil, coconut oil, tuna/salmon packets, coffee and tea is your best bet. Generally speaking the food you can eat with start in the produce section and travel the outside path of the store.


If this seems incredibly daunting email me today before 5:00 PM <> and I will meet you at the grocery store this evening as I need to prep myself!!! I will post the foods I am buying tonight when I get home to give you some good ideas.


Clean your house of junk food!!!! Any shelf stable, unopened food you should not be eating can be put in a box at the gym and I will donate it. Set yourself up for success. Prep a few things for the mornings, pull out the crock-pot, bake some egg muffins. I will include links to recipe sites for ideas. REMEMBER, while there will be a lot of good ideas on these sites avoid the “treats.” Many of these have been “paleoized” versions of indulgences and quite honestly are equally as bad for you.  If it’s an ingredient or has ingredients you are NOT eating it.

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