Easy Prep, Food to Go and What I Packed Today


Happy Hump Day Food Challengers!!!!

Last night’s office hours went swimmingly. There were however, many, many people who needed easy to prep, quick “to go” ideas for their lunchboxes, days, etc. I am admittedly not great at food prep. I don’t particularly like prepping food for the entire week. I’d rather have leftovers from the dinner before and cook a double batch of breakfast for breakfast and snack during the day. So, here are some ideas that will take less than 10 minutes to prep and are easy to take with you.

-nitrate/sugar free deli meat. Spread 1-2 tbs guacamole or hummus on top, place veggies (cucumber, peppers, carrots, spinach) on top of that. Roll up taquito style and eat!

-canned chicken, greek yogurt (as mayo), grapes halved, walnuts, salt & pepper

-hardboiled eggs (2) in plastic bag with salt & pepper + olive oil to coat, 1/2 Apple

-hamburger patty (or turkey/salmon, etc), 2 handfuls power greens (spinach, kale, etc), avocado or guacamole + sugar free salsa to top

-Tuna/salmon packet, guacamole/avocado as mayo, brown rice (can buy this in microwaveable pouches at City Market)

-1/2 cup Plain (no sugar) Greek Yogurt, Berries, almonds/flaxseeds

-Eggwhites+1 egg scrambled, Brown Rice Grits (these take 5 minutes to cook), pumpkin seeds, blueberries

-Minute Steak (thin sliced sirloin cutlets at city market) rolled around veggies/sauerkraut and a slice of cheese (look at ingredients and make sure it’s just milk/salt/etc).

-Hummus, sugar snap peas, bell pepper, carrots, broccoli, cherry tomatoes

-Tuna, “paleo mayo”, salad

-Canned chicken, pesto, green beans (steam fresh, microwave 5 minutes)

What did I pack today?


1 cup eggwhites+1 Omega 3 egg

1/4 cup (dry) brown rice grits

2 tbs chia seeds

2 tbs grass fed, organic heavy whipping cream+ coffee


leftovers. Grilled chicken breast

brussel sprouts + nitrate free bacon+balsamic vinegar


1/2 Apple + 1 tbs Raw Almond Butter + 2 Hardboiled Eggs

Snack 2

Salmon packet + Green Beans + 1 tbs olive oil

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