Hey Gang!!crabby

How’s everyone doing? Have you added in some protein? Are you feeling hungry? For some of us who are coming off of a high processed carbohydrate diet (read: junk food) today may suck…a little bit. Stay tough, stick to your plan and stay full. Have stuff on hand for when you get the cravings for SUGAR.  If this is a drastic change for you then your body is going to start detox today and you may find yourself a little crabby, tired or nursing a bit of a headache. You can do this. If we understand that this is part of the process it seems easier to handle. If it’s unbearable please come see me at office hours tonight between 5:30-7:45 PM.

Clarification for this week**** If you want to be considered for the NO INGREDIENTS/RECOVERY challenge I must have points submitted to me by Saturday afternoon. This is not necessarily going to equal your total points (ie Crossfit -3, fish oil, good eating, good sleep = 0) It will be just looking at your food points and recovery points. SO, I did 65 things this week to recover. I have 65 points. Make sense? You can submit photos of your journal to my email address but please try and total points up and put in the text section of your email. Please put, “Challenge Points Week One” in the title.

A food challenger and I had a lovely little go-round last night at the grocery store to get lined out. If this is something you think would be beneficial to you let me know and we can set a City Market date. How romantic. This food challenger certainly thought so and now we are best friends. Just sayin’ 🙂

IF you have not paid, had measurements or pictures taken please try and do so by the end of Office hours on Saturday AM @ 9:00. This will allow me to have my list of people who are actually looking to do the challenge and then I can announce the amount of the grand prize, etc. Cool? Cool.

Here are some lovely and even EDUCATIONAL reads for your lunch break 🙂

Diet and Nutrition

4 Reasons We Struggle With Diets

As always, have a great day! Stick with it and email me any questions or concerns or come see me tonight! Yoga will be going at 5:30 PM so if there is a long line take advantage of some recovery points!!! Vida is AWESOME!

2 thoughts on “Thursday

  1. I’ve never taken a fish oil supplement. I don’t know much about it. What does that do for recovery? Do you have brand or specific type recommendation?


    • Hi Kayla!
      Great question! Here is an article that I think sums most of the benefits of taking fish oil. It is a great all around supplement with anti-inflammatory properties.

      Here are a few brands that we recommend.


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