Hey Animals!fish-oil[1]


You made it! A work week while eating whole foods almost under your belt. Office hours have been great and many of you are off to a fantastic start! Again, please try to be paid, measured and photographed by Saturday at 10:00 AM. IF that is impossible come to Tuesday night office hours @ 5:30. I will be sending a finalized list of participants by next Wednesday, October 22 so that I may announce the $ GRAND PRIZE $ total at the end of the challenge.


I’ve had quite a few questions in regards to fish oil and why we prescribe taking it. Fish oil is a rich source of Omega 3 fats. You should choose a supplement with at least 30% EPA and DHA. A typical recommendation would be 2-3 g total fish oil/day. Omega 3’s are anti-inflammatory, provide hormone transport, brain function, aid in weight loss and assist with insulin function. Below are a few articles that explain some of the benefits. Take fish oil everyday and count +1 point in your journals!


Fish Oil Benefits

Health Benefits of Fish Oil

Here are some brands that we like at DSC 🙂

Simply Pure Nutrients

Stronger Faster Healthier

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