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Hey Team!spaghetti


Happy Tuesday evening!!! How is everyone doing? Are you running to the bathroom every 5 seconds? Great. Well, not really. For convenience sake. But, it will get better. Promise. In fact, here is an article from the smarty pants (read:nerd alert) folks at Duke University.


Wow! Water factoids all around!!! The way we will score this week is 1 point per ounce drank. You will give me total ounces over the week and rounded body weight in lbs. It will be the person with the greatest ratio of water to weight that wins this week’s super, duper, freaking AWESOME prize. Seriously. It’s cool. I am hoping that this point system will alleviate the drowning of 120 lb ladies trying to keep up with the dudes. Capice?


Hmmm…What else? How about some new meal ideas? Okay! This is what I’m digging right now. By digging, I mean eating. Obviously.



Shitload of coffee w. 2 tbs heavy cream total for morning.

Spaghetti Squash Hash (mindblown, right?) fried in coconut oil w. salt and pepper

Omega 3 egg + 1 cup eggwhites

Chicken and Apple Sausage



Turkey wrapped around


sauteed Kale and steamed broccoli



Noble Savage Meals (find in freezer section at Whole Foods)


Salmon, Burger, Sirloin Slices, Chicken on a BIG ASS salad.

Big ASS salad inclusions are but not limited to (never limited 🙂 ) Kale, shredded beet, celery, dried cherries, green beans, avocado, zucchini, apple, pecans, tomato, red cabbage, cucumber


Snackie 2.0

Grilled Green Beans + olive oil, salt and pepper

Turkey or Roast Beef slices



Steak, chicken, pork, burger (generally grilled or crock pot style)

Steamed or sauteed veggies (often broccoli, brussel sprouts, green beans, kale)

Grilled Sweet potatoes or baked winter squash


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