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Hey Guys!


Office hours were very quiet this week…Is it the weather? Do you guys feel like you’re in the groove? Or perhaps you find you’ve been having trouble staying committed? Here are some great links from very good resources in case you can’t take my word for why changing your eating habits is the missing link. Enjoy some link love this fine Saturday AM 🙂


In case you are still confused on portions, meal times, nutrient timing, etc. This infographic is very straight forward. Remember the non-starchy veggie portions are a bit small and can be unlimited. They will have very little impact on your success especially as we are looking for overall health and wellness.

Fix A Broken Diet Infographic


This link shares my sentiments that small changes equal bigger results and are far more sustainable over time. Amy Kubal is a frequent authority on Robb Wolf’s site which is paleo backed by SCIENCE. Imagine that. She is currently in the middle of a 30 Challenges in 30 days that you may find eerily similar to what you are already doing!!!

30 Challenges In 30 Days

It’s happened. Cold and Flu season is upon us. Gross. Make sure you are wiping down equipment in the gym and reading this article for things that will help prevent and shorten you going down to sniffle town.


7 Tips For Preventing and Shortening Colds


Ever wonder what a FODMAP is? What your digestive issues could mean? Have trouble with Dairy? Wheat? Sugar? Here are about 10 podcasts from Diane Sanfilippo and Chris Kresser discussing those very things that most of us would rather not discuss.


Digestive Functions and Issues



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