Sunday Week Wrap-Up and the LAST WEEK…CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??!??

imagesGood Afternoon Challengers!

Can you believe that we are already into our final full week? As a reminder, the challenge officially ends on Monday, November 24th. This means if you are planning on follow up blood work or body scans to be submitted towards consideration you will need to have them in before Thanksgiving Day (November 27th). I will be announcing the Food Challenge overall GRAND PRIZE winner on Sunday, November 30th via this blog. You will need to have end measurements and pictures taken to be considered for final prizes before Thanksgiving as well. Next Sunday I will post all times that I will be at the gym and available to do these for you. Also, remember you must have met with me during office hours at least 3 times to be eligible.


This week’s NO GRAINS CHALLENGE WINNER is Shannon Francis with 22 POINTS 🙂 Nice Work!!!! Shannon has been in Vegas this week and still managed no grains and to try a bunch of new veggies to her. Proof that you can travel and succeed with your plan! Shannon, you can pick up your prize at DSC this Monday evening 🙂



Okay, so you’ve been mighty good little challengers and keeping track of all things going into your beak. Right? This week’s challenge winner will be the those of you who have kept track all along…It will take into account your grand total points from the entire challenge. So this will be a balance between those negative workout points, poor food choices and positive sleep, food and recovery points. The person with a total score closest to ZERO will win this week’s prize. WHAT???? Well, if we are “recovering” FAR more than working out we are still not at optimal health. However, for those of us that have the practice of absolute balance down we are leading healthy, productive and symbiotic lives. As always, submit your points to me by Saturday, November 22 @ 12:00 PM for consideration.



I’ve been sitting by my lonesome a lot the last couple weeks which makes me feel as though my time is not being used wisely. Office hours will be abbreviated this last week. IF, you are wanting to meet with me and can’t during the following time frames just email me at <> and we will make a specific meeting time you can attend.



5:30-6:30 PM


5:30-6:30 PM


8:00-10:00 AM


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