The Final Countdown…But Not Really…How to Proceed

Happy Sunday Challengers!


One measly day until the Fall Food Challenge 2014 is OVER!!! What a long a wonderful trip it has been 🙂 You should now have a new perspective on which foods fuel you, make you feel “icky,” and how to balance your blood sugar and hormones by eating Protein, Fat and Carbohydrates all together. Yes? Yes. Awesome.


In the next few days I plan on writing how you should proceed from here. While the food challenge is over it is my hope that this has become somewhat of a sustainable lifestyle change for all of you. If you can make conscious decisions about food choices then we are one step closer to your goals. As the official challenge closes there is now leeway for the occasional indulgences in alcohol or sweets. This is so long as these are guilt free decisions and you are able to get back on track the very next meal. If you can make good, whole food choices 90% of the time and indulge in worthwhile cheats the other 10% of every week I promise you will keep seeing results in how you feel, look and perform. If after the holidays you find yourself needing help reining it in I am always available for private nutritional coaching. You can look up the tiers on


For those of you looking to be eligible for the GRAND PRIZE of CASH MONEY: You must have measurements and after pictures taken by Wednesday of this week. You must also have come to 3 office hours during this challenge. If you would like me to consider blood work or body scan comparisons I will need those submitted by Wednesday @ 7:45 PM as well. The winner will be announced Sunday,  November 30th.


This week’s Mini Challenge Winner is a repeat offender: Shannon Francis with 6 points total. Shannon has won an hour of personal training to work on whatever skills she’d like. Congratulations Shannon! I will have a gift certificate waiting for you at DSC by Monday afternoon.




5:30 PM-8:00PM



5:30 PM- 8:00 PM



6:30-800 PM


Also, with Thanksgiving around the bend be thinking about the 2-3 indulgences you REALLY can’t live without and let the others die with your old bad habits. Is it going the be a glass or two of wine? Mashed potatoes? Small piece of pie? Decide. Keep it to that and make a new side or 3 that fit with your new goals. I will include links this week to a bunch of awesome looking, healthy Thanksgiving recipes.


Thank you all for being a part of this food challenge. I am SO PROUD of all of you and each of your successes. I will be sending out a survey in the following week of how this food challenge was for you. If you would take the time to fill it out it will help me cater the areas that need adjustments for an upcoming challenges in the future. Thank you in advance! Keep up the good work!!!! Happy Thanksgiving!

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