Hey All!

How was your holiday? Are you back to clean meals? Have the fridge reorganized by this evening. Eat the last piece of pie and get back in the saddle come Monday morning! That’s an order! After measurements and picture re-takes it seems that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU HAS HAD SUCCESS! I could not be more proud of the hard work that you guys have put in! However, I am more thrilled with the fact that most of you feel like this, “really isn’t hard.” That to me is what makes me happiest. If this can easily fit your lifestyle then we’ve done our job! Now without further adieu:

Your 2014 Fall Food Challenge GRAND PRIZE WINNER is….

 KAYLA ALLRED!!!!!!!!!

Kayla lost 10.25 inches and looks INCREDIBLE! (Pictures and testimonial to follow with permission!) In fact but making her eat more than she normally did she found herself recovering and getting insane results! Kayla is the Grand Prize winner of $350. Not too shabby!!!

Your 2014 Runner Up is: GREG HIRE (pictures and testimonial to follow with permission!) Greg went from processed foods and daily lunches out to REAL food choices and food prepping. The results speak for themselves! Greg committed to completely changing the way he eats and he looks fannnntastic (that’s how he’d say it 🙂 ) Greg is the winner of 1 MONTH FREE TIER 3 Nutrition Coaching.

In third place but definitely not least: Ms. JANICE MORGAN. Honestly, we just can’t be having Janice win everything all the time 🙂 Janice’s transformation in not only the last 6 weeks, but the last year is STUNNING. (Pictures and testimonial to follow with permission). We are so, so incredibly proud of all the work Janice has put in. She puts her mind to something and it’s done. She encompasses everything we are hoping to achieve both thru Defiance Strength and Conditioning and our nutrition program.  Janice is the winner of 1 HOUR FREE PERSONAL TRAINING with yours truly. You guys can decide if that’s actually a prize 🙂 Lol.

Thank you all for participating! I truly feel blessed to work with each of you and for your trust in me. If you ever need anything I am a mere email away! Happy Holidays ❤

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