1. Was this challenge/program helpful to you? Did your eating habits change? How?

YES!! It was awesome! You were so so helpful. I have definitely changed my eating habits. I am eating

more and have a better balance. I work hard at making sure I get enough. I am not eating any junk, and

happily, I don’t even want any anymore.

2. Do you think these changes will be sustainable over a long-term?

Yes, I do. I am happier with the food choices I am making now and don’t want to get back into my old habits. Plus, its all yummy!

3. What are the things you no longer miss eating? What are you still craving?

I thought for most of the challenge that I missed sugar, but I ate a piece of pie on Thanksgiving and it was too much.

Now I can say I don’t want it like I used to.

4. Was the blog helpful? Are there topics you would like to see more or less of? Suggestions for

future posts?

Yes, the blog was very helpful. Nice even to just to have something to check in with, when we aren’t at the gym.

5. Were the emails and office hours helpful? Do you feel like you would have been more or less

successful with/without them?

Office hours in particular were what got me through this challenge. I know I wouldn’t have had the success that I had without our guidance and helpful hints along the way. I definitely wouldn’t have known to make the changes that I did. The e-mails when I wasn’t at office hours were really awesome too. It was extremely encouraging to get a little checking- in memo. So nice to know I wasn’t on my own and had that support.

6. Would you use or suggest to others nutritional coaching similar to this in the future?

I absolutely will!!! I’m sharing this with EVERYONE!! I can’t stop talking about it!! I made such

good changes and saw such awesome results that I cant help but want to tell everyone about it.

Especially those trying to make changes in their own lives.

7. What steps do you plan on taking after this challenge is over? Did you reach your goals, are you

working on others?

My goal was to feel better. I have definitely accomplished that. I feel physically and mentally so much better. I feel stronger, I feel like I recover faster, my skin looks fantastic. I am eating more and better and spend so much less time HANGRY. I even slept better. I am definitely feeling much, much better. New goal now is to maintain this awesomeness. Will I endulge every now and then? Absolutely. But now I have a stronger will-power and those pics to remind me that I can stay on track.

8. What is the biggest thing you learned during this challenge? What were the take-home points

that stuck with you?

The biggest thing I am taking from it is TO EAT. I was by no means intentionally starving myself before this, but I was definitely not making food choices that were very good. I spent far too much time hungry and crabby and headachy. Now, I keep easy to pack snacks on hand all the time, in case of emergency. I have far fewer Hangry- Monster


9. Were the Before and After picture and measurements good motivators? Were the prizes good

motivators? What would you realistically like to see offered in future food challenges?

Yes,they were good motivators. I really think the measurements are going to be a huge motivator

moving forward with my new goals. Having a number to look at is very concrete evidence of

what I can accomplish. And its freaking awesome. Plus, 10.25 FREAKING INCHES, holy

(insert favorite list of expletives here)!

10. I also really liked the mini-challenges and prizes in the middle. That kept it fresh and made me

think about my food intake in different ways. It definitely made things less daunting when

looking at the big picture. I think I would have struggled without them because I wouldn’t have

been thinking so much about it and would have been more prone to cheating.

11. I don’t know if I anything I can really say that I want to see in future challenges. This is the only

one I have any experience with and it clearly worked wonders for me!

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