1. Was this challenge/program helpful to you? Did your eating habits change? How?
  1. Yes the program has been instrumental in changing my eating habits for the better. Tara convinced me to quit my “coffee CRACK” habit, eating a good breakfast to start the day, and cutting the fast food breads for lunch.
  1. Do you think these changes will be sustainable over a long-term?
    1. I do believe that the changes are sustainable. I do not view the changes as a “diet” (since diet is regarded as a four letter bad word) but a change in mind set as to what I want to put in my body and why I want it or don’t want it in me.
  2. What are the things you no longer miss eating? What are you still craving?
    1. No longer miss bread, I never thought I would say that. Giving up the bread was the hardest initially. I still crave good cookies.
  3. Was the blog helpful? Are there topics you would like to see more or less of? Suggestions for future posts?
    1. The blog was helpful but I did not use it to the full extent that I could have. If all the postings stay up I will use it as a future resource.
  4. Were the emails and office hours helpful? Do you feel like you would have been more or less successful with/without them?
    1. The emails and office visits were a crucial part of the program being a success for me. The consistent use of the food journal and the feedback is what helped me the most. It started with Tara knowing what to change in my eating habits. Then when there were tough days I knew that Tara was going to review it and ask me “WTF are you doing eating Coloradough donuts” so I would think twice before eating the crappy stuff. Bottom line, it helped hold me accountable.
  5. Would you use or suggest to others nutritional coaching similar to this in the future?
    1. Yes, the highest compliment one can give is a referral. One of the employees at work is wanting to lose weight and he is going to be using Tara starting 12/1 and if he hits his goals for 3 months work will reimburse him his cost.
  6. What steps do you plan on taking after this challenge is over? Did you reach your goals, are you working on others?
    1. Hoping to maintain during the holidays and then sign up with my wife so that our household is all in sync. Still working on weight loss goals
  7. What is the biggest thing you learned during this challenge? What were the take-home points that stuck with you?
    1. When you take the time to read labels, most everything in a package is loaded with crap.
  8. Were the Before and After picture and measurements good motivators? Were the prizes good motivators? What would you realistically like to see offered in future food challenges?
    1. The pictures and measurements are a good motivator for after the challenge and wish I would have done the body scan. When you see the improvement after the six weeks it helps keep you on track and motivated to continue with healthy food choices. Prizes where not a motivator for me at all, my award was felling and looking better. That being said I did like getting Runner-up and the weekly challenges are a fun way to focus on specific areas.

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