Hey Everyone!
We are ONE week away from beginning the challenge!!! Are you pumped???
GMA is excited with our impressive interest in BMI scans. SO much so they are a little worried a herd of you are going to show up on Saturday and overtake them 🙂 It sounds like they have the capacity to see 12 people on Saturday between 9 and 12. 1 person every 10-15 minutes. This does not mean that you can’t schedule one for Monday- Thursday by regular appointment. I need to have the appointments to GMA by 4:00 PM on Friday afternoon. If you can make it to GMA this Saturday during the block and would like to take advantage of those appointments you may sign up on my list at the gym. This will be on the whiteboard up front.
For those of you that do not attend DSC on a regular basis let your team mate know or email me back at this address and I will sign you up on a first come, first serve basis. Enjoy a few treats this weekend and get ready for next week!

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