How’s everyone doing? Hungry? THEN EAT SOMETHING!HealthySnacks

Often, the first two days go without much of a hitch. If this is your first time on a food challenge you can expect to feel a little junky today. if you are switching off a processed foods diet day three is when your glucose stores (read:SUGAR) have been noticeably depleted.  Symptoms may include low energy, head aches, irritability or sugar cravings. Have no fear and stick the course! You should be feeling better and full of steady, AWESOME energy in a day or two. Don’t give into the sugar demons or we’ll just continue feeling bad.

In the meantime be sure to grab plenty of protein, healthy fats and water to keep hunger at bay. At a loss for snack ideas? Well, looky here:

51 Paleo Snacks

53 PaleoGrubs Snacks

Deliciously Ella Veggie Based Snacks ** omit flours and sugars/sweeteners**

Balanced Bites: Snack Attack

Intoxicated on Life *** avoid “flours” and sweetened treats

Slim Palate

Not Without Salt *** avoid “flours” and sweetened treats

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