REMINDER: Saturday’s class will be in New Castle at the Defiance WEST Open House!!!

There will be a community workout at 9:30 AM followed by our class on Fitness and break-out groups at 10:30. Take this opportunity to spend time with your DSC coaches for clarity on endurance/conditioning, olympic lifts, powerlifting and odd objects, gymnastics and bodyweight movement as well as general physical preparedness.

It’s time to learn why we program what we do, why we don’t program some things other gyms are doing and why you may be getting scaled in some workouts even though you can do the movements. This will be a good way to learn a little more about some of the programs we offer that you may be missing out on.

Please come dressed to exercise and plan on staying for our BBQ after. 🙂

If you carpool you will get +1.

We are located right off the highway. If you are traveling from Glenwood you will take a left off the exit and a right at the stop sign. We are in the second set of garage buildings on the left next to Mr. T’s.

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