Week Five. This is the FINAL COUNTDOWN!

My oh my how the time flies! Last week already?!???

In the spirit of the last week and winning mega cash pick it up a notch and keep that diet cleaner than ever! Time to tighten down for the homestretch! I have been so pleased with everyone’s commitment and encouragement to their team mates. Hopefully you’ve learned a little something about nutrition, sugar, fitness, goal setting, recovery, stress and most importantly; YOURSELF!

In the next few days I will be sending out a survey asking you for your comments on what you liked, what you didn’t, what worked well for you and what could use improvement.

Remember that Gold Standard HYDROSTATIC will be here on Saturday. Please sign up by Thursday. If I do not have any more people signed up then there are currently I will likely tell them not to come.

Have a fantastic week and we’ll see you Saturday for a class on how to make these changes sustainable and realistic for you and your family’s life. We’ll talk about making exercise fun for kids, budgeting for your health and of course…get our workout on. 10:30 Saturday at DSC, Glenwood.

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