imgresHey Gang!

This week is all about stress mitigation and recovery!!! So make sure you’re getting enough sleep (more on this), eating right, mobilizing and taking advantage of our yoga offerings.

A few cool, new additions this week:

Blake from Back Country Chiropractic will be at Defiance Strength and Conditioning in GWS Wednesday, April 29th from 4:00-6:00 PM. He is setting up to do mini appointments (20 minutes for $20). This is a SCREAMING deal and gets you +3 points. Take advantage and sign up for a slot on ZenPlanner under “Make Appointments.”

Sleep is IMPORTANT: For every hour you sleep over 7 hours a day you will receive an additional point. So nap on my friends! Make sure that this is accounted for in your food journal.

Mobility is IMPORTANT:  Remember to log 25+ minutes with a band, ball or roller for mobility points. +2 solo, +3 more with a friend 🙂

RECOVERY is IMPORTANT: You will receive +3 for up to 2 recovery days in the week. No more. You will also receive +1 for use of hotsprings pool, vapor caves or ice baths.

So work hard, play hard, eat well and come to class to learn Saturday, May 2nd from 10:30-11:00 and workout 11:00-12:00.

Saturday CLASS and WORKOUT. Week TWO.


Please come and participate in the community workout at 9:30 am followed by getting your knowledge and skillzzzz on at 10:30-12:00. Followed by debauchery and FOOD!

It’s very easy to get there. From GWS Take New Castle exit. Turn left over the river. Right at stop sign. Second building on left next to Mr. T’s.

If you carpool earn +1 point for every person. See you then!

Happy Friday!

Hey Gang!imgres

How’s everyone doing? At this point your energy should be feeling better, you should be experiencing far less cravings and your sleep should be improving. If it isn’t, sign up for Office Hours on ZenPlanner so that we can look at what you’re eating and trouble shoot.

This weekend should include driving to New Castle for the Defiance West OPEN house and CLASS! We have our community workout at 9:30 followed by our Wellness Challenge class and break-out skill session at 10:30. BBQ and debauchery to follow. Come on down for some or ALL of it!

Besides that, you should plan on some grocery shopping and MEAL prep. Remember, if the grill or oven are on FILL it with stuff to eat during the week. Burgers, chicken breast, pork chops and salmon are all great grill proteins. In the oven bake potatoes/sweet potatoes, roast some broccoli and cauliflower, roast brussel sprouts, kale chips and cook a spaghetti squash! Remember to buy a thing or two for the crockpot and plan on boiling up a few different grains: wild rice and steel cut oats?

There has been A LOT of questions about points. Remember to print the sheet off to help. The way this is working is your total points are being divided by your amount of team members per week and you are given a point value on that percentage. These will be added by week at the end for a grand total. Stayed tuned as we learn about more topics there will be more points added to the spreadsheet.

For now, every individual meal with permitted Protein/Fat/Carb is +1. If you have a snack that is permitted foods but doesn’t include all 3 things you do not get a point for that snack. HOWEVER, if the snack was “clean” you can still collect your +2 points for a day of clean eating. If you workout at a trained class you are receiving +2. If you did that with a team member you are each getting +3 on top of that. Same with meals. If you ate a clean meal (+1) with a team member it’s an additional (+3). REMEMBER that SATURDAY CLASS is (+4) SATURDAY WOROUT is (+4). If the ENTIRE TEAM is present it is (+10 for the TEAM).

I have been so impressed by all the team participation, presence in classes and enthusiasm. Let’s keep it going!!! See you Saturday!





REMINDER: Saturday’s class will be in New Castle at the Defiance WEST Open House!!!

There will be a community workout at 9:30 AM followed by our class on Fitness and break-out groups at 10:30. Take this opportunity to spend time with your DSC coaches for clarity on endurance/conditioning, olympic lifts, powerlifting and odd objects, gymnastics and bodyweight movement as well as general physical preparedness.

It’s time to learn why we program what we do, why we don’t program some things other gyms are doing and why you may be getting scaled in some workouts even though you can do the movements. This will be a good way to learn a little more about some of the programs we offer that you may be missing out on.

Please come dressed to exercise and plan on staying for our BBQ after. 🙂

If you carpool you will get +1.

We are located right off the highway. If you are traveling from Glenwood you will take a left off the exit and a right at the stop sign. We are in the second set of garage buildings on the left next to Mr. T’s.